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Sale Information

As a result of the judgment rendered in a court case, an execution was issued by the court to the Sheriff of Clay County, Iowa. The execution ordered the sale of defendant(s) property as listed in these document(s) to satisfy the judgment(s). Click on the Case # listed below for complete legal information, or choose parcel information, Taxation and Valuation History, or type in your address for a Google map. You may also click HERE for Clay County Sheriffs Sale Procedure information brochure.
Sale Results Archive

2019 Sale Information:

Sale Date: 06/05/2019
Property Address: 801 East 3rd Streed, Spencer Iowa 51301
Parcel # : 9636-18-226-031

Sale Date: 05/22/2019
Property Address : 334 West 2nd Street, Spencer Iowa 51301
Parcel # : 9636-18-108-001

Sale Date: 04/24/2019 10:30 AM
Property Address : 1609 3rd Ave East, Spencer Iowa 51301
Parcel # : 9636-07-133-023

Sale Date: 4/24/19
Property Address: 1739 Hwy 18, Spencer, IA
Parcel #: 9737-32-100-008


Sale Date:  4/10/2019
Property Address:  3175 150th Avenue, Everly, IA
Purchase Price:  $194,000.00
Purchaser:  Josh Griffin

Sale Date:  4/10/2019
Property Address:  104 East Street, Dickens, IA
Purchase Price:  $167,623.58
Purchaser:  Farmers Savings Bank

Sale Date:  3/20/19
Property Address:  511 W 5th Street, Spencer, IA
Purchase Price:  $43,815.00
Purchaser:  Nationwide Advantage Mortgage Company

Sale Date:  3/13/19
Property Address:  106 W 2nd Street, Everly, IA
Purchase Price:  $114,892.54
Purchaser:  United States of America Acting Through Rural Housing Service, United States Department of Agriculture

Sale Date:  2/27/19
Property Address:  403 Long Street, Royal, IA
Purchase Price:  $48,240.00
Purchaser:  Northwest Bank

Sale Date:  2/6/19
Property Address:  1419 1st Avenue West, Spencer, IA
Purchase Price:  $46,920.00
Purchaser:  Idaho Housing and Finance Association


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